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Alexandria, MN is one of the locations where you can get coverage from All Things Insurance. We provide you insurance to help you protect your home, business, and vehicle. We also have policies for those looking to provide for loved ones after passing away.

Where Is Alexandria, MN?

Alexandria, MN is in Douglas County, where it also serves as the county seat. Alexandria has an area of about 16.7 square miles, and can be found near Interstate 94 and along Minnesota Highways 27 and 29. It is near cities such as Miltona, Osakis, Villard, and Lowry.

Here at All Things Insurance, we help insure more than just cars and trucks. We offer fantastic collision, injury, and liability policies for boats, motorcycles, ATVs, recreational vehicles, and more!

Auto Insurance In Alexandria

Auto insurance is an easy policy to obtain through All Things Insurance, and is one that could be a potential lifesaver. Colliding with another vehicle could result in major financial distress, medical expenses, and even hefty legal fees.

Car insurance can also help cover what happens off the road. Damages from harsh weather, vandalism, and theft are examples of other events your policy will cover.

Business Coverage

Business insurance protects you against disasters that could force your business to close. It is an excellent policy regardless of the industry you’re in. It protects the building, your inventory, company cars, injured employees, and legal expenses.

Workers compensation, commercial property, commercial auto, and general liability are all examples of the coverage types you can get through business insurance.

Homeowners Coverage

Owning a home without insurance poses a significant risk, including being without a place to live and potential financial ruin. Homeowners insurance was created to protect your biggest investment and most valuable asset.

Homeowners insurance covers named perils, including:

  • Hailstorms
  • Fire
  • Collapsing roofs due to heavy snow
  • Vandalism
  • Explosions
  • Overflowing water from malfunctioning appliances

This coverage helps with any repair costs involved in fixing your damaged home. Homeowners insurance can also provide for temporary living expenses while you are displaced from your home while it is being repaired.

There are numerous policies available depending on the coverage you desire. What kind of policy suits you best? We want to help answer this question and more so you can get the very best plan to protect your loved ones when the time comes.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a policy you can add to your existing coverage. It extends the limits of your liability coverage to minimize your out-of-pocket legal expenses. For example, your liability coverage from a particular policy may be $200,000, but you may have to cover $400,000 for legal fees. Instead of that being your expense, your umbrella policy will lift that burden.

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers major financial relief to your loved ones after you pass away. It can help with a number of costs, such as mortgages, credit cart debts, and education expenses. This is your way to give your loved ones peace of mind.

Policies include:

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Final expense

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When you get coverage from All Things Insurance, you won’t need to get insurance from anywhere else. We offer this large variety of coverage to help you protect your biggest investments. With us, you will get the policies that fit your insurance needs at a low price.

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