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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Personal Injuries?

An insurance policy ensures a financially secure life and covers the potential damage and accidents you might face throughout your life. If you live in Minnesota, a homeowner’s insurance policy always comes in handy as it helps you cover a great deal of costs that you might not have planned for.

Wondering What A Homeowners Policy Is? Here Is All You Need To Know

A homeowner’s policy keeps your home protected against all property damages and claims. Whether it be due to weather conditions or accidents, homeowner’s insurance will secure you from all the extra costs! Also, with a homeowner’s insurance plan, you can repair or replace the covered items, regardless of their age or condition.

The plan keeps you covered against fire damage, theft, weather damage, lawsuits, and other losses. However, the level of coverage completely depends on the plan you choose.

Does It Cover Personal Injuries?

Given that it is a homeowners insurance policy, many people often ask if there is coverage for personal injuries. Well, yes! If you are a property owner with this insurance plan, you can get coverage for personal injuries through accident liability coverage, designed for property owners.

This policy stands by you even if all the odds are against you. If you are a property owner with legal liability for an accident, your provider can step in and pay for the claim through your coverage.

However, it only works to cover personal injury claims if there is verbiage that offers coverage for bodily injury. Also, the legal standards regarding the accident, set by the federal or state laws determine how the coverage may work in such a fiasco.

A homeowners insurance policy also allows you to claim coverage for:

  • A fall on wet stairs
  • Trip and fall over broken walkways
  • Trip or fall on items in a path
  • A fall due to a broken railing
  • A fall from stairs
  • Dog bites
  • Health damage or injury from toxic chemicals
  • Acts that may occur due to negligent security
  • Falling because of poor lighting or overcrowding
  • Electrical accidents and fire

Need A Homeowner’s Insurance Plan? We Have Got You Covered

If you are a Minnesota resident and looking for an ideal plan to provide the coverage you need, then a homeowner’s insurance policy could be right for you!
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