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Andover, Minnesota presents beautiful scenery and an opportunity to maximize personal security for your vehicle, home, and business. You’re also able to get coverage for your life and your loved ones’ future financial peace of mind.

Andover is located within Anoka County, near US Highway 10. The city is home to Crooked Lake, which lies on the southern border. It is the city’s lone fully recreational lake, and neighbors Coon Rapids, MN.

Auto Coverage In Andover

Car insurance is a legal requirement, and with the right policy, it can save you thousands of dollars in repair, medical, and legal costs. 

Auto coverage is split into specific types of policies, such as:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Collision
  • Liability
  • Uninsured motorist

At All Things Insurance, you’re able to get all of these types of car insurance coverage and more.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage In Andover

Homeowners insurance protects what may be your largest expense – your home. This coverage includes your home’s structure, your possessions, as well as legal expenses. Homeowners insurance covers costs in instances such as fire, heavy storms, vandalism, and lawsuits stemming from a guest suffering an injury on your property. When you want to protect your most valuable asset, look no further than All Things Insurance.

Business Insurance Policies In Andover

Business insurance allows you to insure against potential threats to your livelihood. Business insurance protects your business office and building, materials, vehicles, and your employees. It also covers cyber security in case your sensitive data is seized by hackers. At All Things Insurance, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue from disastrous events outside your control.

Life Insurance

Life insurance allows you to make provisions for your loved ones for when you pass away. This is a flexible policy, as you can choose how long it lasts and the death benefit amount your loved ones will receive. If you want a policy that is active for a certain number of years, you may wish to enroll in a term life policy. On the other hand, a whole life policy will last throughout your lifetime and will offer a special savings account that you can borrow from in the future. Whatever you choose, All Things Insurance has the policy for you.

Umbrella Coverage in Andover

Insurance policies only pay up to a certain amount. While a standard auto, homeowners, or business insurance policy may be sufficient for most, it’s not enough for those with a significantly greater amount of assets. Umbrella coverage is there to give you the extra liability coverage you need after your policy limits have been exhausted. Umbrella insurance is an excellent choice for those who have more to lose, and it’s a policy you can get at a low cost at All Things Insurance.


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