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Disclosure: The answers to these questions are meant to be a general guideline and may or may not be true in your case. They are not a rule, regulation, or statement of All Things Insurance and our product offerings. Everyone’s situation is different.

If/when I buy a vehicle, how long am I covered for on my current policy?

When you buy a vehicle and you have a current insurance policy, in most cases, you are covered up to 14 days matching the coverages on your policy. There can be exceptions to this — so check with us before you make the purchase, and we will look into your existing policy.

What should I do if my ID card expires?

Make sure to keep the expired ID card until you have an active one. You can access your ID card online through the insurance company’s website (if you are registered) or you can contact us to send one to you.

Do I have to purchase insurance when renting a car, or am I covered through my policy?

With a Minnesota insurance policy, you are covered through your own policy up to the amount of Property Damage Coverage you have with the majority of insurance companies. If you have $100,000 Property Damage Coverage, the rental vehicle is insured up to $100,000, and if you have $10,000 in Property Damage Coverage, the rental vehicle is covered up to $10,000. It’s important to know how much Property Damage coverage you have when renting a vehicle so you are not on the hook for anything — if you’re in an accident that is more than a fender bender.

Who do I call/contact if I need to file a claim?

Always contact us if you are thinking of filing a claim — UNLESS it is a serious accident or an urgent home insurance claim. You should contact us because there are times when companies/people will suggest that you file a claim, and they don’t know your exact situation and policy.

Most of the time, once you file a claim, you cannot remove it from your record. My goal is to make sure my clients keep their rates as low as possible by preventing $0 paid claims.

What do I do if I’m in an accident?

Follow these steps:

  1. Get a picture of the other driver’s license number and insurance card. 
  2. Get their cell number and call it to make sure it’s valid. 
  3. Look for any witnesses and ask them to stay. 
  4. Call the police to come out and file a police report. 
  5. Take a picture of all of the vehicles involved and their damage.

Then, call me if I’m your agent — once you’ve gone through all of the processes so we can discuss the next steps.

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