Benefits of Working with Us

Benefits of Working with US

With so many options for insurance we know that making the decision on who you choose to protect you is more than just saving money. Coverage is always number one. But, let us tell you why you want to join the All Things Insurance Family.

We’re Experienced

With our experience, we know how to get you the best rates when shopping around, and how to keep them as low as possible while not compromising the amount of coverage you have.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

We take our passion for protecting people, families and businesses very seriously. We never cut corners or lead you in a direction that could cause a denied claim (intentionally not adding drivers for example).

At All Things Insurance, we have your best interest at heart rather than our interests. We take our integrity very seriously, and you will always get an honest answer from us.

Quick Replies

Our response time is top-notch. Time and time again, we hear cases of people leaving messages for their previous agent and not getting a call back by the end of the next business day. This is simply unacceptable. If you leave a message for All Things Insurance, the majority of the time you get a call back that same day — if not right away.

Support a Local Business

We are a local small business. It’s very common to hear people being insured directly through a 1-800 insurance company. By choosing All Things Insurance you are supporting a local small business that you don’t have to sit and wait on hold for. Every time you call the 1-800 insurance company, you are getting someone different to talk to. The majority of the time they are not passionate about what they do, but we LOVE what we do for our clients.

Save Time and Money

We are an insurance broker, aka an independent insurance agent. This means that we have access to several of the best insurance companies that will help you get the best rate possible. Unlike your captive insurance agents like State Farm, American Family, Farmers, etc. using All Thing Insurance saves you time and money — by having us shop for the best rate for you.

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You deserve the best insurance coverage for the best value. Whether you’re buying insurance for the first time or just want to compare what you currently have, get in touch with All Things Insurance. We’re prompt, professional, and very proud to serve all of Minnesota.