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Brainerd, MN is one of the cities where you can obtain policies through All Things Insurance. All Things Insurance has many policies that allow you to get everything you need in one place.

About Brainerd, MN

Brainerd, MN is among the largest cities in Central Minnesota, and serves as the county seat of Crow Wing County. It’s also one of many tourist destinations in the state of Minnesota. Brainerd is close to other cities such as Pillager, Crosby, Ironton, and Nisswa.

Auto Insurance

The auto insurance you can get in Brainerd is extensive. All Things Insurance offers such forms of auto coverage as:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Collision
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Liability
  • Comprehensive

It’s encouraged that you get all forms of car insurance coverage to protect you no matter what happens.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers repair costs, temporary living expenses, the value of possessions destroyed in a disaster, and legal costs.

Coverage applies in instances when:

  • A fire breaks out in your home
  • Heavy storms cause structural damage
  • Water overflows due to appliance issues
  • A guest gets injured on your property and subsequently files a lawsuit

Homeowners insurance is good no matter what side of home ownership you’re on – there are policies for landlords and renters, too.

Business Insurance

Business insurance helps keep your business secure. Any mishap can be a detrimental blow to your livelihood.

Business insurance provides coverage in many ways, including:

  • Workers compensation for injured employees
  • Commercial auto for business vehicles
  • Commercial property for your building and materials
  • General liability to cover legal expenses
  • Business interruption to provide a steady income as you temporarily cease business operations

Umbrella Insurance

Some face a greater likelihood of being sued than others. Common targets are those with higher perceived wealth and people who may face accusations due to being in positions of authority. Typical liability coverage may not be enough for individuals who others often pursue legal action against. Umbrella insurance is a policy you can add at a low cost, and it could spare you hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be your leftover out-of-pocket costs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance comes in many forms, but individuals commonly opt for at least one of the following three:

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Final expense

Term life is temporary coverage that lasts for a given number of years, which may be as few as five but may be up to 30.Whole life lasts a lifetime, while also providing a savings account that policyholders can use for their own purposes.

Final expense is also permanent, but it is a smaller policy, as most use this as a means of covering funeral costs so their loved ones won’t have to.

Your Coverage, Your Way

All Things Insurance not only provides all of these policies, but gives you the best of each. With All Things Insurance, you will get a combination of great coverage and affordable pricing to maintain your peace of mind and financial security.

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