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East Bethel, Minnesota is a great city to live in, and one of the many cities All Things Insurance is proud to serve. In East Bethel, you can get excellent coverage that helps you protect ALL things that matter to you.

East Bethel is located along the northern part of Anoka County. It’s near Wyoming, Ramsey, and Coon Rapids. This is also a great place for those interested in ecology, as the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is in East Bethel.

Car Insurance in East Bethel

Car insurance has different types of coverage, such as collision, personal injury protection (PIP), liability, and uninsured motorist. This relieves the burden of covering costs from medical bills, vehicle repairs, and legal expenses. All Things Insurance offers car insurance at a low rate, so you can be prepared no matter what happens on the road.

East Bethel Homeowners Policies

Your home may be the most valuable asset you own. Homeowners insurance protects your home and reimburses you if it suffers damage from certain catastrophes. You’ll have funds to repair your home or find a temporary place to stay. You may also get coverage for replacing stolen or damaged possessions. Another feature is liability coverage, which protects you in situations where someone sues you after getting hurt on your property.

At All Things Insurance, you can get homeowners coverage to have peace of mind and not wonder “what if?”

Small Business Insurance in East Bethel

Unlike damage to your home, damage to your business property or contents can threaten your financial security. Commercial property coverage is just one facet.

Business insurance also includes liability coverage for legal fees, workers compensation for injured employees, and commercial auto insurance for company vehicles.

You may want a business owners policy (BOP), which bundles commercial property and liability coverage, plus coverage for when your business is forced to close for a certain amount of time due to property damage.

Life Insurance

At All Things Insurance, we want to help you provide for your loved ones, too. When you purchase life insurance, you pay premiums in order for your loved ones to get a large lump sum after you pass away. This could be active for a certain number of years (term life), or last as long as you live (whole life).

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage beyond what insurance policies offer. This is for individuals at risk for lawsuits, whether it be for having a substantial amount of assets or because of being in a position that lends itself to lawsuits (e.g. landlords and volunteer group leaders).

At All Things Insurance, you won’t have to worry about insufficient coverage. We pride ourselves in offering coverage that can suit all individuals, no matter how many assets they own or the roles they have in the community.

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