Do I Need Car Insurance To Buy A Car?

Car insurance isn’t an optional purchase because it’s legally required in most states. At minimum, you will need liability coverage. However, car insurance applies to operating the vehicle, not purchasing it.

When Is Insurance Not Necessary?

You don’t need car insurance for everything. Test drives, for example, don’t require insurance. As for purchasing the vehicle, that is a question of whether you’re paying upfront or obtaining a loan for it.

Proof of insurance isn’t part of the transaction if you’re paying for the entire cost of the vehicle upfront. The person selling you the car isn’t responsible for what happens to it once the title is in your hands. However, that’s not the case if you’re getting a loan. Lenders often require insurance since they also have a vested financial interest in the vehicle. They’ll typically require collision and comprehensive coverage.

What Do I Need To Buy Car Insurance?

It makes sense that you’d be able to buy a car without insurance because there are certain details that you can’t provide unless you’ve bought the car. For example, part of the enrollment process includes providing a VIN (a 17-digit code unique to your vehicle), date of purchase, and mileage.

Aside from the car-specific details that you can only provide when the vehicle is in your name, you’ll also have to give personal info. This includes your age, history of accidents and traffic violations, and social security number.

What Kinds Of Coverage Can I Get?

Car insurance includes multiple forms of coverage, such as:

  • Collision – helps with repair costs after your vehicle collides with another, regardless of who’s at fault
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) – covers a certain amount of medical expenses for you or any injured passengers in your vehicle
  • Comprehensive – coverage for damages unrelated to accidents on the road, such as storms, falling objects, theft, and vandalism
  • Liability – helps cover legal and medical expenses if you injure another driver
  • Uninsured motorist – gives you coverage when the other driver doesn’t have insurance to compensate you

When Is The Best Time To Get Car Insurance?

You need to get car insurance as soon as possible. Anything can happen at any time, and without insurance, you’re making yourself vulnerable to expensive repair costs and legal ramifications. It’s a good idea to get all forms of car insurance coverage to account for the variety of ways in which something can go wrong.

The good news is that car insurance is easily obtainable, and you can get coverage on the same day you apply for it. 

Stay Protected On And Off The Road

All Things Insurance gives you auto insurance coverage to keep you protected at all times, no matter what happens. You don’t want to be without car insurance. While you may be able to drive without it, you’re taking a serious risk. If you don’t have auto coverage already, we’re here to help you get it as quickly as possible at the most affordable rate. Call us today at (763) 645-5450.