What Is Collision Coverage And Do I Need It?

Collision coverage is one facet of auto insurance. It’s not required by law, and exists as an optional add-on to your existing car insurance policy, but it serves as a safety net for when your car is damaged in specific instances.

What Is Collision Coverage?

Collision coverage provides compensation in order to repair your vehicle following a collision with another car. It will help with repair costs no matter who is at fault. Its coverage also applies when you wreck into an object such as a pole, guardrail, fire hydrant, or fence. 

What Does Collision Coverage Not Cover?

Collision coverage doesn’t offer coverage for repair to any vehicles or objects you have collisions with. Your liability coverage will be responsible for handling repair costs for others.

It also will not cover you if your vehicle crashes into an animal. For this, you would need comprehensive coverage, which also covers theft, vandalism, weather-induced damage, and falling objects.

While it doesn’t cover everything, it’s a good idea to add it to the coverage you already have to make your insurance more complete. 

What If I Don’t Get Collision Coverage?

Without collision coverage, you’re either at the mercy of the other driver’s liability coverage, or you may have to cover all repair costs on your own. You may have an even harder time getting any compensation for repair costs if you’re found to be at-fault for an accident.

If you have a wreck with another car, and you don’t have collision coverage, you’ll have to file a claim against the other driver’s liability insurance. From there, you will need to negotiate compensation with the other driver’s insurer, and they will also assign this compensation by determining fault. When it comes to fault, they may assign a percentage of responsibility to each driver. Therefore, you may only get a percentage of the compensation that you would with collision coverage, even if you’re not at fault.

While liability insurance is the minimum legal requirement for car insurance, there’s no guarantee that the other driver will have this.

Do I Need Collision Coverage?

Collision coverage is a wise addition to your auto insurance policy. You won’t have to rely on other drivers to carry liability insurance or negotiate your way to a percentage of the compensation. It’s also a way to protect you when you’re at fault, because even the best drivers can have a lapse in judgment. This policy keeps you protected 100%. 

Get Collision Coverage Today

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