Will Home Insurance Cover Personal Injury?

Home insurance will cover personal injury, but within certain limits. Home insurance isn’t just for covering the costs of a home damaged as a result of a disaster. It also covers costs that could fall in your hands if an injury is involved.

Whose Injuries Will Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers this according to who gets injured, and how the injury occurred. It will not cover your injuries, or the injuries of anyone living in the home with you. If you or those living with you get injured, your health insurance will be responsible for handling medical costs.

Home insurance covers others who get injured on your property. This is what the liability coverage in your home insurance policy is for. That guest may sue and hold you liable for medical and legal costs. Home insurance liability coverage takes care of both.

How Does Home Insurance Coverage Apply?

Coverage applies under specific circumstances. In order for your home insurance to cover personal injuries, the injury must happen to the guest, not you. It also cannot be from harm you inflicted on purpose. An injury covered under home insurance could be something such as a guest slipping and falling, or a family pet biting a stranger.

If the injury to the guest is not deliberate, you can file a claim if he or she takes legal action against you. From there, you may have to pay a deductible, and then your insurance will provide coverage up to the policy’s limits.

How Can I Increase My Coverage?

Some individuals are more prone to lawsuits than others. Individuals of high status or those involved in activities that lend themselves to accusations of misconduct (e.g. volunteer leaders) may need more than just what typical home insurance offers. The same goes for individuals with highly valuable assets, including multiple properties.

If you are in one of these positions, you may want to purchase umbrella insurance to supplement your liability coverage. This will help cover the remainder of what would be out-of-pocket, so none of the medical or legal expenses will fall in your hands.

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